Terrestrial Water Dynamics under a Changing Climate in the Southern Rockies

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Proposal Summary Unprecedented changes in global and regional temperatures and uncertain impacts on the water cycle necessitate an evaluation on the interaction between soil water resources and ecosystem dynamics. In this proposal, we will provide scientific insights into the potential consequences of climate change on water availability and partitioning in the southern Rocky Mountains. This work will build upon soil moisture observations currently underway by the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center in the Colorado Plateau near Moab, Utah, under different experimental manipulations of precipitation and temperature regimes. Using a variety of data analysis methods, we will study the soil moisture data under different manipulations that mimic climate change scenarios with a focus on temporal patterns and variations among treatments. Subsequently, we will apply an ecohydrological model to the experimental plots to develop useful predictions that can be extrapolated to other climate change conditions. Results of the proposed work will be important to understand how grassland and shrubland ecosystems in the Colorado Plateau will respond differentially to rising temperatures and changes in water availability.
Effective start/end date7/15/137/14/18


  • DOI: US Geological Survey (USGS): $57,489.00


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