Teen and Adult Smoking: Intergenerational Transmission and Prevention Applications

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This subcontract is part of a multiple Principal Investigator grant application. As such, the roles and areas of responsibilities within the overall grant are laid out in the Leadership Plan. The relevant text describing the responsibilities of the Principal Investigators at the two sites is repeated here: Roles and areas of responsibility. Because each of the three principal investigators has unique expertise, each takes responsibility for leading the team for different research questions. Dr. Presson, trained as a developmental psychologist, takes leadership for questions concerning the relation of smoking to midlife development; Dr. Sherman, trained as a cognitive social psychologist, takes leadership for questions that focus on the role of implicit attitudes in smoking behavior; and Dr. Chassin, trained as a child clinical psychologist, takes leadership for questions concerning the intergenerational transmission of smoking and applications of the findings to preventive intervention and cessation intervention. However, for each aim, the leading principal investigator closely collaborates with each of the others, so that we will continue to share virtually all responsibilities of the project. That is, we do not mean to imply a structure of three separate individually-led projects. Rather, just as the research questions are inextricably linked, all three principal investigators will collaborate on the studies, but each has a distinct leadership role. The two research sites also have differential responsibility, with Dr. Sherman (along with Mr. Macy) at the Indiana University site, having greater day to day management of the large survey data collection, and Drs. Chassin and Presson at ASU, having greater responsibility for supervising data analysis. Again, however, although one site may take leadership and greater day to day responsibility, all three principal investigators and both sites will collaborate in all project activities. Publication authorships will be based on the relative scientific contributions of the PIs and key personnel.
Effective start/end date9/1/0910/31/10


  • HHS-NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): $107,667.00


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