Synthesis characterization and properties of fast acting amorphous drugs

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Synthesis characterization and properties of fast acting amorphous drugs Synthesis, characterization and properties of fast acting amorphous drugs Arizona State University Statement of work 1.0 Background This position relates to the Directors Competitive LDRD (2011-012-N0 9146) Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Fast Acting Amorphous Drugs. A graduate student from the Department of Chemistry& Biochemistry at Arizona State University will be hired part-time to perform high energy experiments on 11-ID-C at the Advanced photon Source and analyze the collected x-ray data from amorphous pharmaceutical drugs using novel processing techniques. They will also develop a software program to interpret the analyzed x-ray data to obtain molecular structure information. 2.0 Scope The hire is designed to help analyze x-ray data from pharmaceutical drugs samples obtained from innovative experiments at the Advanced Photon Source and provide a computer code for in-depth structural interpretation of the results. 3.0 Objectives The goals are to perform and analyze high energy x-ray experiments on a series of drugs and drug-polymer mixtures amorphized using an acoustic levitation process developed by physicists at Argonne. The development of a computer code is needed to interpret the x-ray scattering pattern obtained from the disordered structures. 4.0 Tasks Help develop the containerless materials-processing techniques at Argonne and help perform and analyze x-ray experiments at sector 11 of the APS. The writing, testing and use of a computer code, to model the molecular shape of specific drugs based on the measured x-ray diffraction pattern from drug and drug-polymer mixtures.
Effective start/end date1/11/139/30/13


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $40,001.00


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