Sustaining Fisheries for Public Health

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Sustaining Fisheries for Public Health Sustaining Fisheries for Public Health Draft workplan: Sustaining fisheries for public health Conduct a quantitative examination of associations between sustainability and human health-oriented seafood rankings. We will rely on our developing database of >300 stocks of fish and invertebrates that includes information on omega-3 fatty acids, mercury concentration, fishery status, and sustainability. Our database is for stocks of fish and invertebrates primarily in North America. We will build on this database by: Broadening the geographic scope Including a larger sample of both wild caught and farmed seafood species Including data on PCBs and other environmental contaminants Including more recent data on variability in mercury concentration Including metrics of human well being and health (e.g., undernourished children, health indices, state and local rankings) Developing an inventory of energy and material inputs for different seafood products (described below).
Effective start/end date11/3/1112/31/13


  • Lighthouse Foundation: $80,752.00


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