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Sustainable Procurement in State and Local Governments (ASUF 30007101) Sustainable Procurement in State and Local Governments Each year U.S. state/local governments purchase $1.5 trillion of goods, including vehicle fleets, construction materials, chemicals, electronics and office materials, which contribute to global climate change during their production and use. Governments that utilize sustainable procurement principles (SPPs) can mitigate these impacts swiftly and significantly, while stimulating an increase in the production of sustainable products and services. However, even when required, most local/state governments often do not utilize SPPs. We propose to assess state/local governments SPPs implementation barriers and facilitators and offer immediate steps that governments can undertake to advance SPP, in an effort to mitigate their climate change impacts.
Effective start/end date8/1/1611/30/17


  • V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation: $200,000.00


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