Sustainable Museums: Professional Development to Support Fieldwide Capacity in Practice, Partnerships, and Education for Sustainability

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Arizona State University, in partnership with the National Informal STEM Education Network, proposes Sustainable Museums: Professional Development to Support Fieldwide Capacity in Practice, Partnerships, and Education for Sustainability. The proposed project addresses three needs identified through the teams prior work and a literature review: first, for comprehensive training of committed professionals to lead sustainability efforts within their museum; second, for take-home resources those individuals can use to engage their entire organization in planning and implementing sustainable strategies and initiatives; and third, for an ongoing community of practice to support and foster this work. The two-year project will engage 90 museum professionals in a six-month professional development program and support them in engaging other staff at their organizations in planning, developing, and/or implementing a sustainability-related project that fits their museums mission and their communitys priorities. An ongoing community of practice will promote continuing learning and sharing among program participants. The overarching goal of Sustainable Museums is to build fieldwide capacity for sustainability by empowering professionals, engaging public audiences, and leveraging museum and community assets to help build a sustainable future for people and the planet. Sustainable Museums will directly benefit participating professionals and museums and indirectly benefit their local communities through the projects and partnerships that are created and strengthened through the program. Project activities and resources will be designed to increase participating professionals perception of the value of integrating sustainability into their organizations; understanding of key concepts and best practices in sustainability science and education; confidence to advance sustainability initiatives at their museum; and identification with a broader community of museum professionals working to help create a sustainable future. Project evaluation will provide formative data to inform the development of the program and products and summative data to allow stakeholders to understand the projects outcomes. Specifically, the project will measure success by examining professional learning by program participants and meaningful progress toward a sustainability-related project by participants organizations.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/22


  • Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS): $431,443.00


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