Sustainable Earth Proposal Phase IV

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Sustainable Earth Proposal Phase IV Sustainable Earth Proposal Phase IV ASU shares Wells Fargos deep commitment to sustainability and supports collective efforts to build sustainability awareness by engaging and educating the community on ownership of their actions at work, at home, and in communities across the globe. To inform and inspire action, we must keep awareness, attitude, and behavior change at the forefront of all we do; we cannot achieve long-term impactful change in attitude or behavior if we do not first demonstrate the importance of collective action. To address the identified gaps in the pilot programs along with achieving our shared goals, we have developed a web-based resource, Sustainable Earth presented by Wells Fargo and powered by ASU catalyzing a thriving community of change agents. For decades, sustainability research and action have identified human behavior as the key to resolving complex challenges. Bringing together sustainability education resources, tools, and materials for the universal learner on this comprehensive web portal, we will curate fresh, creative, and ambitious thinking about the future we want. The Sustainable Earth portal will provide a multifaceted learning space for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and professions to become change agents in their communities. With the digital generation in mind, ASU will bring sustainability to life through civic engagement opportunities, student led research, videos, interactive learning resources, and online training opportunities. Currently in its first year, ASU will continue to build a responsive, mobile-friendly online environment that will grow in scope as we collaborate with global influencers, businesses, scholars, educators, community leaders, and indigenous partners with expertise in sustainability. Using innovative digital design, Sustainable Earth will inspire and equip individual and collective action. This platform will meet learners where they are, cultivate a growing community of sustainability thinkers and practitioners, and build hope and resilience for a universe of learners.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/22


  • Wells Fargo Foundation: $488,500.00


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