Sustainable Disruptive Technology for Algae-Based Jet Fuel Production in Arizona

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Sustainable Disruptive Technology for Algae-Based Jet Fuel Production in Arizona Sustainable Disruptive Technology for Algae-based Jet Fuel Production in Arizona Our preliminary production cost assessment and process energy balance analysis indicate that maximizing algal feedstock production and optimizing the downstream process (e.g., harvesting/dewatering/drying/oil extraction) are the key steps and, therefore, the primary technical challenges to achieving affordable, sustainable production of algal oil for conversion to jet fuel with high energy efficiency. To address these challenges, we propose a novel algae-to-jet fuel process that represents an innovative combination of a number of key technologies that have already been validated in commercial practice and/or laboratory proof-of-principle demonstrations. Therefore, we expect little technical risk in these areas and that the probability of success will be high. This team has the knowledge, skills and experience not only to successfully achieve the technical goals, but also to move the resulting technology into the market. The proposed project includes activities which position the team to move forward rapidly into commercialization. The success of this project will not only lead to commercialization of an economical technology for the affordable and efficient production of non-food algal feedstock for conversion to jet fuel with a long term impact on the jet fuel market, but also provide process paths that minimize the use of external energy sources, and are adaptable to a wide range of environmental and economical settings.
Effective start/end date10/1/089/30/11


  • Science Foundation of Arizona: $1,500,000.00


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