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Sustainable Development of Critical Earth Materials Sustainable Development of Critical Earth Materials Arizona is ranked number one in the US in value of mineral production. Our State also has one of the richest endowments of copper and related commodities on the planet. Total mineral production in 2007 had a value of $7.38B and production in rural counties is a major source of economic development. In 2006, wages in the minerals sector were third highest in the state and this was the only sector to post double-digit percentage increases in employment. Mineral resource development is a science- and technology-intensive industry. Arizona has historically provided some of the worlds leading technological and scientific breakthroughs. We propose the development of a Strategic Research Group (SRG) for Sustainable Resource Development of Critical Earth Materials to help the State build globally competitive R&D capacity. By virtue of its unique geological environment and academic programs, Arizona can build a center of excellence that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the US. We believe the proposed SRG is the first industry-university team that has been assembled in the U.S. that is capable of tackling so many of the broad challenges in sustainable mineral resources development.ol
Effective start/end date1/1/096/30/13


  • OTHER: Arizona Public University (ABOR): $109,008.00


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