Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment Decision Analysis (ASUF 30005816)

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Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment Decision Analysis (ASUF 30005816) Air Products and Chemicals Inc: Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment Decision Analysis SCOPE OF WORK Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a powerful analytic tool for quantifying the systemic environmental consequences of a product supply chain, including everything from raw material extraction to disposal. The findings of an LCA can be used to improve industry practices, to aid in product development and to guide environmental public policy interventions. However, methodological limitations with respect to the interpretation stage of an LCA make comparison of technological alternatives or environmental trade-offs difficult for decision-makers forced to confront multiple, often contradictory environmental indicators. For example, current practices that derive from economic utility theory typically reduce the analysis to a single, discrete impact score, thereby oversimplifying the problem and neglecting inherent uncertainties. The shortcomings of existing interpretation practices include: masking important environmental impacts, difficulty selecting appropriate weight sets for multi-stakeholder problems, and inadequate exploration of variability and uncertainty. However, LCA interpretation practices can benefit from incorporation of stochastic decision analysis methods developed in the field of multi-criteria decision analysis. This project proposes to apply techniques in stochastic multiattribute analysis (SMAA) to develop a novel approach to interpretation in comparative LCA. To ensure dissemination of the findings to industry and government, we propose to hold an impact assessment workshop in cooperation with the Society of Environmental Toxicology& Chemistry / United Nations Environmental Programme (SETAC/UNEP) Life Cycle Initiative that trains practitioners on the new methods developed.
Effective start/end date10/15/1310/14/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $30,000.00


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