Supportive Care Needs and Resource Assessment in Cancer Patients

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Supportive Care Needs and Resource Assessment in Cancer Patients Julie McNulty - Mayo agreement Scope of Work Dr. Julie McNultys postdoctoral position is intended to build greater collaborative research between the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, the College of Nursing and Health Innovation and the cancer support community with particular focus on addressing underserved populations with the Health Equity Research Initiative. She has already talked with Dr. Mehta from Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), and he has agreed to support her efforts to conduct a resource assessment of cancer patients' supportive care needs. Dr. McNulty also intends to assess patient needs at the Mayo Clinic, and to assess similarities and differences in cancer care at Maricopa and Mayo Clinic. This assessment will include examining and assessing the available resources within each respective center and address the gaps for patients in both institutions. As a result of this study Julie will make recommendations to each institution on establishing supportive care services, including low-cost and no-cost options from the community and from the Cancer Support Community
Effective start/end date8/5/132/11/16


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $6,939.00


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