Support for the 2013 International Symposium on Advanced Nanodevices and Nanotechnology (ISANN)

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Summary The International Symposium on Advanced Nanodevices and Nanotechnology (ISANN) will be held on the island of Kauai, at the Sheraton Kauai Resort, situated on Poipu Beach, on the island of Kauai. The conference will be held December 8th- 13th, 2013. This is the fourth in a series of joint conferences, following the previous ones held in Kaanapali and Waikaloa, Hawaii, in December 2007,2009, and 2011. These conferences bring together the series of New Phenomena in Mesoscopic Structures (NPMS) and the series of Surfaces and Interfaces of Mesoscopic Devices (SIMD). The International Conference on New Phenomena in Mesoscopic Systems (NPMS) was held on seven previous occasions at various sites in Hawaii. The International Conference on Surfaces and Interfaces in Mesoscopic Devices (SIMD) has been held on five previous occasions, also in Hawaii. Both conferences have enjoyed the support from the Office of Naval Research, while the NMPS has been supported additionally by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, and have been held jointly since 2003. The last NPSM/SIMD conference was held on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in December 2005, with support from ONR and ARO. To reflect the evolution of the nanotechnology field, and to reflect the increasing importance of nanodevices in future electronics and optoelectronics, the Program Committee changed the name of this joint conference to the International Symposium on Advanced Nanodevices and Nanotechnology, and the first meeting of the newly renamed conference series was held in 2007 at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott, on the Big Island of Hawaii. In 2009, the venue was changed to the island of Maui, at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa, Kaanapali, Hawaii, and most recently was held Dec. 4th 9th, 2011. This year, based on the favorable contract in terms of room rates and venue, ISANN 2013 will be held at the Sheraton Kauai Resort located on Poipu Beach, Kauai. Herein, funding is requested from ONR for some participants travel expenses and for the operational costs of the meeting in terms of audio visual, poster boards and other miscellaneous costs.
Effective start/end date12/1/1311/30/14


  • DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR): $15,800.00


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