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SUPPORT FOR MECCANO'S CONACYT PROJECT-CONCRETE MIXTURES DESIGN AND THERMAL PROPERTIES SUPPORT FOR MECCANO?S CONACYT PROJECT ? CONCRETE MIXTURES DESIGN AND THERMAL PROPERTIES Meccano de Mexico SA de CV has signed an agreement with CONACYT in order to conduct a research study on concrete house sustainability. The study involves experiments where different concrete mixtures designs will be evaluated for their mechanical and thermal behavior. Earlier last year, Meccano and ASU have identified alternative methods for producing concrete panels to be partially used as a substitute of the Meccano steel mold forms. Initial prototype efforts undertaken by Meccano showed that this approach is successful, but the concrete panels need to be designed and tested for their mechanical and thermal properties in order to achieve some of the objectives of the CONACYT project. In this project ASU will assist Meccano by recommending at least two alternative concrete mixtures that can be used in the above process. The concrete panels will be designed to sustain the poured concrete hydraulic and weight forces. They will be also designed with the objective of providing good thermal properties to minimize the conduction of heat through them. Specifically, the ASU research team should be able to assist Meccano in the following tasks of the CONACYT project: 1. Available literature review on sustainable housing construction related to this project. 2. Recommend two concrete mixture designs for the panels. 3. Mechanical testing for structural evaluation of the concrete panels. 4. Measurements of the thermal properties of the concrete mixtures.
Effective start/end date10/15/0911/16/11


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