Supply Chain Analysis

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Supply Chain Analysis Supply Chain/Inventory Analytics Framework for Technology Products The objective is to develop a supply chain/inventory analytics framework geared towards technology products that includes predictive models to replace traditional inventory target setting methods and an inventory surveillance system that acts as an early warning system for potential inventory problems (supply chain visibility). For inventory target settings, we plan to leverage modern analytical methods that can incorporate multiple demand/supply inputs, distributed across echelons, along with other signals, to predict inventory targets. Rather than targets set based on assumed stable, well-defined demand distribution, we plan to use the models to facilitate adaptive inventory control strategies that adjust targets based on the current business environment. All echelons will be considered simultaneously so as to obtain near-optimal global results and avoid compromising service levels at any echelon.
Effective start/end date12/1/115/31/15


  • SRCCO Inc.: $270,000.00


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