Student Travel Support for NAMS 2013 Meeting June 8-13 2013 Boise Idaho

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Student Travel Support for NAMS 2013 Meeting June 8-13 2013 Boise Idaho Student Travel Support for NAMS 2013 Meeting Overview: Page A This proposal seeks funding to support the participation of U.S. students in the North American Membrane Societys (NAMS) 2013 national meeting. The objective is to encourage student participation in the largest American meeting focused in this area, to provide opportunities for them to present their work, meet other scientists and engineers from around the world with similar interests, and see state-of-the-art presentations from other research groups working in this area. Intellectual Merit : This funding would be used to help disseminate knowledge about state-of-the-art research in membrane science and engineering from around the world to students. This is the premier meeting for students and engineers in the American membrane community, and this technology represents one of the fastest growing separations techniques. It is widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, food processing, food packaging, medical and pharmaceutical industries. The most respected and accomplished membrane scientists and engineers from around the world will participate in this meeting. The conference is being organized by Dr. Jerry Y.S. Lin (Arizona State University) and Dr. Fred Stewart (Idaho National Laboratories). In addition to NSF resources, funds are being solicited from industry, the US Department of Energy, and Office of Naval Research, so the NSF funds would be well leveraged. Broader Impacts : The requested fund from the NSF would allow U.S. graduate students to attend the most important meeting in the U.S. on membrane science and technology. In addition to 24 technical sessions, an extensive student program has been developed to foster the professional development of the next generation of membrane researchers. Four workshops are being planned, and they would provide an additional venue for students to receive intensive, tutorial training in key fundamental and developing areas of membrane science and technology. The NSF funding would provide partial travel support for 30 students to attend this meeting, and will be available to students of all genders and ethnicity and from any part of the U.S. Applications received from students with disabilities will be encouraged. Student participation in this meeting will enhance the infrastructure for research by giving students access to leading scientists and engineers from around the world in the technical sessions and in the workshops. Students will also have extensive opportunities to network with potential employers and with students and faculty from other research groups with similar interests. Society would benefit from this activity by having better trained, more knowledgeable graduate students prepared to push the frontiers of this unique enabling technology in a wide variety of practical applications.
Effective start/end date4/1/133/31/14


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $15,000.00


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