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STRI Coibita Island Research Center STRI Coibita Island Research Center Studio Description: Project-based design studios are transdisciplinary collaborations that bring together stakeholders with students and faculty from multiple backgrounds including design, sustainability, biomimicry, engineering, etc. Stakeholders participate at multiple moments during the semester. Typically, these studios work collaboratively as a team toward a comprehensive design solution that integrates the complexity of problem at hand. The studio employs in-depth research to establish constraints and better define the problem. This research is translated into possible design solutions utilizing smaller transdisciplinary teams within the studio. In-depth review of the proposals leads to innovative strategies that are synthesized toward the final project definition and direction. The students then come back together to develop a high level of resolution for the project proposal at multiple scales. Budget Description: At the conclusion of the semester, the studio presents the work to a panel of experts and stakeholders. With budget, this will take place in Arizona as well as Washington DC. These collaborative studios typically result in very thoughtful refined design solutions that expand the imagination of the stakeholders and innovative possibilities for project. Comments from the final review are then addressed during a 4-week summer period where a selected number of students are employed with faculty to refine the proposal and create a professional deliverable for the stakeholders. This can include a publication, video, website, or other.
Effective start/end date9/1/196/1/20


  • Smithsonian: Tropical Research Institute: $15,000.00


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