Stochastic Unit Commitment with Intermittent Resources

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The contractor shall provide both direct expertise and efforts obtained via collaboration with a PhD student in the formulation and solution of stochastic mixed-integer programs relating to advanced formulations of unit commitment and related power grid optimization problems. Tasks: a. Collaborate with Sandia staff - including Jean-Paul Watson and other members of the Discrete Math and Complex Systems department - to develop models and algorithms for stochastic mixed-integer programs addressing advanced unit commitment models in high-penetration renewable environments. b. Collaborate with Sandia staff to test resulting algorithms on IEEE and other Sandia-supplied benchmarks. Deliverables: a. Provide periodic consulting during meetings at Sandia or off-site. b. Provide documentation of all research, reported in the form of publications or technical reports.
Effective start/end date7/1/119/21/12


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $86,058.00


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