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SRPASU COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT CFD MODELING OF SCRUBBER FLOWS INCLUDING IN-SITU HEAT EXCHANGER CHARACTERIZATION AND UTILIZATION OF CONCRETE WITH FLYASH ASSESSMENT OF A REAL-TIME WATER QUALITY MONITORING WEBSITE FOR SRP DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WATER LEVEL MEASUREMENT SYSTEM IMPROVED UTILIZATION OF FLY ASH IN CONCRETE DEVELOPMENT OF GENE PROBES FOR MONITORING OCCURRENCE AND DISTRIBUTION OF MIB/GEOSMIN PRODUCING CYANCBACTERIA IN SRP WATER SYSTEM WATER SURFACE VELOCITY MONITORING USING MICROWAVE RADAR DOPPLER EFFECT FLOW AND TEMPERATURE CHARACTERIZATION IN TURBINE EXHAUST DUCT AND HRSG - SANTAN AND KYRENE PLANTS IMPLEMENTATION OF WATER SURFACE VELOCITY SENSOR USING MICROWAVE DOPPLER RADAR SOUND LEVEL AND FREQUENCY FROM SRP POWER PLANTS: MONITORING, ANALYSES AND SUPPRESSION STRATEGIES FLY ASH IN CONCRETE USING DNA FINGERPRINTS TO TRACK MIB/GEOSMIN-PRODUCING CYANOBACTERIA IN THE SRP WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Stack Flow Characterization for Optimal Exhaust Monitoring: Effects of Load Conditions on Flow Uniformity Flow and Temperature Characteristics in Exhaust Duct &HRSG Superheater Sections -Santan and Kyrene Plants: Phase II Arsenic Detection Systems Flyash in Concrete: Proposed Code Revisions and Durability of Class C and F Flyash Development of an Integrated Approach to Monitor the Occurence of Toxic Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in the SRP Water Distribution System Electrochemical Arsenic Detection Systems System Analysis and Optimization of the CGS HVAC Evaluation Of The Ultrasonic Monitoring Of Water Flow In SRP Waterways Thermodynamic, Environmental, and Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Technologies An Advanced Strategy to Monitor and Control Toxic Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in the SRP Water Distribution System (CE-03) INTELLIGENT ESTIMATING TEMPLATES FOR T&D CONSTRUCTION Condition Monitoring of Power Plant Equipment from Vibration Measurements: Test Application to A.C.G.S Bearing (ASU-SRP Joint Research Program) Thermoconductivity Study of Joint Directional Boring of Multi-Duct Electrical Cables Phase Two: Utilization of Specialized Thermal Fluid Mixtures... System Analysis and Optimization of the CTS HVAC: Phase II (ASU-SRP Joint Research Program Sustainable Cement Systems using Flyash and other Coal Combustion Product (CCP) Materials (ASU-SRP Joint Research Program) Predicting Organic carbon and Disinfection ByProduct Precursors in Metro-Phoenix Surface Water Reservoirs (ASU-SRP Joint Research Program) SRP/ASU Cooperative Agreement 2006-2007 Study of vibration of the butterfly shutoff valve...the micro-hydro turbine at Bartlett dam System analysis and optimization of CGS HVAC Monitoring of trace-level Salt River project waters High flyash, fiber, and rubber reinforced concrete materials: structural efficiency
Effective start/end date7/1/934/30/12


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $3,395,018.72


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