Spotlight on Arizona's Kids - A Closer Look at the Child Welfare System

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Spotlight on Arizona's Kids - A Closer Look at the Child Welfare System Spotlight on Arizonas Kids: A Closer Look at the Child Welfare System Morrison Institute, working closely with The Arizona Republic, should play a major role in this process. Morrison proposes a broad-based, collaborative, three-year-long effort to explicate Arizonas child-welfare system, seek out the roots of the present crisis, offer case studies illustrating the various challenges faced by the system, consider practices being pursued in other states all aimed at alerting policymakers and the public to the true scope of the crisis and possible interventions to ease or end it. This effort would be implemented through a series of research reports, policy briefs and blogs on timely topics, presentations to public and private groups around the state, and one or more major events. For example, an initial set of briefs will function as primers on the following topics: The status of Arizona children in out-of-home placements: scope and scale (with current and historical data on reports, removals, rate of reentry, permanency outcomes, aging out of the system, and child deaths) The process of investigating and resolving allegations of child maltreatment, including the resources available to the relevant agencies; the role of community, non-profit and faith-based groups; and the levels of authority and accountability exercised by both police officers and social workers The legal challenges faced by families and children as they navigate the court system, including the search for effective representation The funding mechanisms underlying Arizonas child welfare system and how resources have been distributed across state and local levels The number of caseworkers and other resources in Arizona compared with those in other states, and the selection, retention and training of caseworkers, supervisors and managers The effectiveness of prevention and in-home intervention programs as provided in states with the best outcomes In addition, Morrison will publish a series of special reports and blogs. These will keep the attention of policymakers and the public focused on the overall issue, and address topics that emerge during the project or are raised as feedback from policymakers or the public. Topics may include: How do race/ethnicity and income-level impact investigations and outcomes? What happens to children who age-out of foster care? What is the role of behavioral health disorders affecting both parents and children? How, and how well, do children in the system achieve an education? How strong is the link between growing up in foster care and coming into contact with the juvenile justice system? Key findings from these and other reports will be published periodically as indicators of progress in child outcomes and agency health.
Effective start/end date7/1/161/31/21


  • Arizona Community Foundation (ACF): $552,935.00


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