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Space-based Imaging Spectroscopy and Applications Space-based Imaging Spectroscopy and Applications Specifically, this grant is to support the hire of a Science Deputy to perform the following: 1. Execute research and development of imaging spectroscopy algorithms applied to complex mixtures of human development and natural ecosystems 2. Deliver pseudo-code and documentation for all developed algorithms to the Carbon Mapper (CM) office. 3. Publish no less than two first-authored peer reviewed papers with G.P. Asner as mentoring author. 4. Present research results in team, community, and international meetings as time permits, and if funding allows. 5. Lead technical reporting for work completed under the CM program at intervals to be determined. 6. Support regular coordination and design meetings with CM staff and CM subcontractors. Space-based Imaging Spectroscopy and Applications As part of this grant, ASU shall, as soon as feasible after receipt of Year 1 funding, fund a Land and Ocean Science Team, including a Science Deputy. Deliverables and performance milestones for this grant shall be documented in the Land and Oceans Applications Program Plan to be negotiated between and ASU within 60 days of Year 1 funding received at ASUF. The Program Plan will also include algorithm focus areas, ground validation strategies, staffing plans, management reporting requirements, and integration flight and algorithm development schedule. As part of the management of this grant, shall set the work priorities with strategic and logistical input by Dr. Asner.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/24


  • Carbon Mapper: $2,094,000.00


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