Souther Arizona Trafficking Response (STIR) Program

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Souther Arizona Trafficking Response (STIR) Program Southern AZ Trafficking Response - Tucson Police Department Trainings: The Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research personnel will provide four training (as a paid subcontractor) around Arizona annually for three years for first responders, hotline crisis personnel, medical professionals, human service providers and others in the targeted areas of Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Nogales, Arizona. This training will include identifying the risk factors for sex trafficking, methods of identification, types of traffickers, response protocols, and sharing of research based information about sex trafficking in Arizona. When possible, a training of trainer model will be used to realize greater impact across Southern Arizona over time. The Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research will also conduct A One-day Snapshot of the Scope of Sex Trafficking and Demand (as a paid subcontractor) in Sierra Vista, Nogales and Tucson, Arizona to inform SAATURN. This one-day snap shot includes interviewing local stakeholders, placing online sex ads, initiating a VoIP and collect data, and produce an annual report for each site as a One-day Snapshot.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/30/18


  • DOJ: Office of Justice Programs (OJP): $11,511.00


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