Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production - Yr 2

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Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production - Yr 2 Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production Proposal Title: Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production Period of Performance: October 18, 2018 through October 17, 2021 Requested Budget Amount: $249,968 Cost Share Contribution Amount: $32,979 Cost Share Type: Contributed Effort and Unrecovered Indirect Costs (F&A) AZ Board of Regents on behalf of Arizona State University is pleased to participate with Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) in the above-referenced proposal in response to DOEs Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) titled SETO National Laboratory Call for Proposals. The Arizona State University point of contact for this potential collaboration is Ellen B. Stechel, P.O. Box 875402, Tempe, AZ 87287-5402. Arizona State University will be responsible for the full systems and technoeconomic analyses of the thermochemical production of ammonia. Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production Synthesis and characterization of a series of ternary nitrides, A-B-N, with A from Fe, Zn, Ni and B from Mo, W. Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production Solar Thermochemical Ammonia Production Finalize syntheses of nitride materials for testing in multiple tasks Test 2-3 more materials in the reactor varying the key parameters and analyze the results and characterize materials post cycling. Technoeconomic analyses, establishing feasibility of the novel process coupled to CSP o Externally validate the value proposition based on the best materials; identify opportunities for improvement o Elucidate feasibility and path forward
Effective start/end date3/24/209/30/22


  • DOE: National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA): $410,978.00


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