Social Media Guidelines and Strategic Plan

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Social Media Guidelines and Strategic Plan Social Media Guidelines and Strategic Plan Glendale has a robust and state of the art presence in conventional media like television and print. However, they have a limited digital and social media presence in a world where a large portion of public communication takes place through those means. Glendale is hiring a social media manager in the near future, without any clear social media policy or strategy. The purpose of the project is for students to create a comprehensive social media program, and strategy to help the city communicate with their constituencies about city issues, events, and initiatives. Students should develop a strategy that identifies target audiences as well as appropriate strategies, plans, and platforms for reaching targeted audiences while observing the digital media policy. Students will also create a comprehensive social media policy that guides city staff as they use social media channels. Students should develop policies, rules, and procedures for engaging, creating, vetting, delivering, and archiving social media communications.
Effective start/end date8/21/185/31/19


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $7,500.00


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