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Smart Stadium and Smart Living Research DCU-ASU-Intel JPF Proposal on Capability Assurance for Smart Living with focus on Smart Stadiums This proposal describes a Joint Path Finding (JPF) project to develop and mature the technologies needed to create and sustain a smart living environment. Specifically, this JPF will study, within one year, the feasibility of the Internet of Things (IOT) as a class of intelligent devices to enable the smart living environment. Intel, ASU, and DCU have joined as a team to carry out this JPF with two objectives: one is to conduct research in IOT related technologies to enable smart living, and the other is to mature technologies through proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrations and pilot deployments. The team will use ASUs Sun Devil stadium renovation project as the usage scenario to focus the JPF. The anticipated benefit of the JPF is two-fold: to accelerate the deployment of IOT technologies at the Sun Devil stadium and to establish smart living laboratories at ASU and DCU with Intels participation and guidance.
Effective start/end date1/1/1512/31/16


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $86,520.00


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