SHRP2 L33: Validation of Urban Freeway Models

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SHRP2 L33: Validation of Urban Freeway Models SHRP2 L33: Validation of Urban Freeway Models The objectives of this project are threefold. The first is to validate and enhance the most important models the Data Poor and Data Rich models -- estimated on large data sets pertinent to urban freeways, which were developed under SHRP 2 Reliability Project L03. The second objective is to enhance the level of confidence of researchers and practitioners regarding models that can estimate the impact of various actions on travel time reliability. The third objective, through validation, is to promote acceptance and use of the L03 type of models for planning, programming, project development, design, systems operations, and further research.
Effective start/end date12/20/126/19/14


  • Transportation Research Board (TRB): $175,000.00


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