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Shared Vision Green Chemistry Shared Vision Green Chemistry All retail sectors are seeing increased attention from consumers and NGOs on chemically-related human health and environmental impacts. Green chemistry principles can mitigate these hotspots in all life cycle phases; however, widely adopted green chemistry innovation by consumer product manufacturers and suppliers has yet to occur due to uncommon definitions, unshared priorities, and unclear goals. To overcome these barriers, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and Forum for the Future will leverage their combined supply chain expertise, broad cross-sector membership, and indispensable facilitation skills to convene stakeholders to create a shared vision, or agenda, for green chemistry innovation. The developed agenda starts by mapping the organizations in the consumer product value chain focused on chemical-specific hotspots (e.g., suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and NGOs). By convening key stakeholders from this map and documenting their approaches and priorities for green chemistry innovation, we will create a collective agenda that identifies barriers for subsequent elimination using precompetitive multi-stakeholder solutions that would be separately funded. These solutions will drive change in many areas, including those identified in Targets RFP (i.e., awareness, transparency, chemical assessment, safer alternatives). Since a lack of context currently exists for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers regarding such initiatives, TSC will coordinate the various projects, along with others submitted to Targets green chemistry RFP, to synergize innovation and provide the broad context needed for market acceptance. TSCs convening expertise, organizational network, and continuous member engagement will drive clarity for these solutions across sectors and supply chains. Collective project goals and deliverables will be coordinated with Target, and consumer product value chains, so that the shared vision for green chemistry innovation is achieved.
Effective start/end date11/7/1812/31/20


  • Target Foundation: $369,933.00


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