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SEKI Transportation Experience Study SEKI Transportation Experience Study Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are increasingly focused on the relationship between transportation systems and the quality of the natural environment and visitors experiences. Management concerns include effects on visitor crowding, traffic congestion, visitor stress, parking shortages, air pollution, noise pollution, and impacts to wildlife and roadside vegetation. This project will involve cooperative research and planning activities conducted in partnership between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and researchers at Arizona State University. The study will employ a cross-sectional survey design with data collected from a stratified random sample of current SEKI visitors through onsite, surveyor-assisted interviewing as well as travel rout data collected via Global Positioning System (GPS). The study aims to understand the psychological, social, and behavioral dimensions of national park visitors transportation-related experiences and decisions to inform transportation planning and management and visitor use capacity decision making in the parks.
Effective start/end date1/1/126/1/14


  • DOI: National Park Service (NPS): $67,673.00


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