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SEI Supplement: ASU Site: National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network ASU Site: National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (renewal) ASU Site National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network SEI Activities Supplement During the project period of July 1, 2013 February 28, 2014 (the final 8 months of year 10 of the current NNIN grant), ASU will take the lead on the Societal and Ethical Implications (SEI) activities. 1. We will oversee the existing SEI grants that have been distributed by the NNIN. We will review the annual reports from each group receiving SEI grants and use these reports to inform the Year 10 SEI annual report. 2. We will work with NNIN education programs lead Nancy Healey to find ways to integrate SEI into the August REU Convocation. We will send SEI representatives to the convocation in Atlanta to run a short program for the students attending. 3. We will begin an evaluation of SEI programs developed by both the NNIN and the Consortium for Science, Policy& Outcomes (CSPO) over the past several years. Specifically we are interested in conducting a series of interviews and/or surveys of students who have participated in the NNIN Winter Schools and the Science Outside the Lab program. The final evaluation report will help to inform future SEI programming. 4. We will work with the post-doctoral fellow to develop an SEI related research project that fulfills both her career goals and the goals of the project. We will discuss this at the beginning of her employment and develop a series of benchmarks to clear the way for completion. 5. During the fall of 2013 we will develop at least one public engagement event, likely in conjunction with the Arizona Science Center, that facilitates a dialogue in SEI issues. 6. We will begin working with science centers near the NNIN universities to scope out opportunities for local collaborations. 7. In January and February, 2014, we will offer a one credit course at ASU on Social and Ethical Implications for graduate student scientists and engineers. 8. We will help to prepare the SEI portion of the final NNIN report with assistance from previous NNIN coordinator Katherine McComas.
Effective start/end date7/1/139/30/15


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $115,000.00


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