Sedentary Behavior Interrupted: Acute, medium and long-term effects on biomarkers of healthy aging, physical function and mortality

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Dorothy Sears, PhD, Subcontract Principal Investigator, Professor of Nutrition in the College of Health Solutions, is an expert in sitting time-associated cardiometabolic disease and aging research and putative mechanisms. She has extensive experience studying molecular, physiological, and behavioral factors involved in cardiometabolic disease mechanisms and risk. She is a member of the Metabolic Translational Team in the ASU College of Health Solutions and has been a member of the UCSD Moores Cancer Center, Diabetes Research Center and Center for Circadian Biology Executive Committee for years. She is an expert in evaluating standard and novel biomarkers associated with prolonged sitting time and cardiometabolic disease risk.

Dr. Sears originally conceived of and wrote Project 1 (Sedentary Behavior Interrupted: A randomized crossover trial of acute effects on biomarkers of healthy aging in the laboratory) of the P01 grant proposal that lead to the UCSD Sedentary Time and Aging Research (STAR) Program. She has been the Project 1 PI and the Biospecimens Lead for Project 2 since 2018, prior to this subaward. She will provide her relevant expertise related to executive leadership, clinical protocol design and execution, and relevant biomarkers of sitting time-associated cardiometabolic disease and healthy aging in postmenopausal women. Given her experience designing and completing clinical studies, and evaluating large-scale data research studies, she is well-prepared for her role as a subcontract PI for the proposed study, which is simply a continuation of her original leadership position started while at UCSD. She will provide executive and scientific leadership, provide oversight of clinical laboratory activities, recruitment/enrollment, executive responsibilities of reporting (Progress Reports, DSMB Reporting, IRB), direct all biospecimen/biomarker analyses, data analysis and interpretation, lead preparation and serve as corresponding author on all manuscripts generated from the project, and assure dissemination of findings.

During the academic year period (approximately Aug 15th through May 15th each year), Dr. Sears will reside in Phoenix, AZ and work on-site at UCSD for approximately 2 weekdays per month for research activities and meetings with the research team. She will participate in bi-weekly P01 leadership conference calls and bi-weekly Project 1 team meetings (Zoom teleconference or in-person, if in San Diego). She will also have 1-on-1 1-hour weekly meetings with Yesenia Avitia (Project 1 Research Assistant) by phone, Zoom, or in-person. She will connect with Drs. Schenk and Castellanos (co-investigators on Project 1) by phone and email, as needed. She will organize and participate in other Zoom and telephone meetings as needed for writing group activities and data/statistics discussions.

Effective start/end date6/15/195/31/22


  • HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH): $118,992.00


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