Secure Information Sharing in Internet-based Collaborative Applications

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Secure Information Sharing in Internet-based Collaborative Applications Secure Information Sharing in Internet-based Collaborative Applications The Internet revolution has led organizations worldwide to rely heavily on information sharing over the Internet to conduct their daily business. The Internet provides tremendous connectivity and immense information sharing capability which the organizations can use for their competitive advantage. Several organizations have transited fi'Om their old and disparate business models based on ink and paper to a new, consolidated ones based on digital information on the Internet. However, information sharing on the Internet usually occurs in broad, highly dynamic network-based environments, and formally accessing the resources in a secure manner poses a difficult challenge. Any time an organization connects itself to the Internet, it exposes itself to a wide variety of security breaches and attacks. The PIs will focus on the problems of secure information exchaJ1ge and secure information access in Internet-based collaborative applications environments. The PIs will develpp technology for: (i) secure group communication - they will develop techniques for ~tablishing secure communication channel between participants in a collaborative environment and (ii) security services for information sharing - they will develop methods to provide secure access to information in such domains. This research will develop widely deployable applications and tools that will promote collaborative research and information sharing over the Internet.
Effective start/end date7/1/085/31/09


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $61,746.00


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