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Second Step Efficacy Study Second Step Efficacy Study SCOPE OF WORK I. Leadership: Leadership and input will be provided for study design, measures, timeline, observation protocols, budget decisions, IRB, and key deliverables to CFC. II. Manage Local Data Collection Site. This study is a multi-site, multi-state prevention study. My primary role PI is to oversee all data-collection and study implementation tasks related to the Arizona site, where we will work in coordination with our partner, Mesa Public Schools. These include, but are not limited to hiring, training, supervision and oversight of all data-related activities. More specifically: a) Hiring, training and overseeing staff (research coordinator/s) who will be responsible for data entry, data collection, storage and organization for the Arizona site. The coordinator/s and myself will be primarily responsible for overseeing recruitment activities and participant retention. c) Recruiting, training and supervising graduate students and research assistants in data collection activities including: classroom observations, web-based surveys (DATSTAT) and curriculum probes. c) General lab oversight to ensure data quality, privacy and other data management activities are in compliance with IRB requirements. d) Hold regular lab meetings. e) Participate in weekly calls with study team to ensure coordination across sites II. Serve as primary study liaison with Mesa Public Schools. As part of this role, I will coordinate study participation and ensure fidelity to the intervention by overseeing and organizing meetings with school liaisons (appointed at each school), district coordinator, David Shuff, and other key school personnel. a) I will provide oversight of program consultants and trainers. b) Will ensure consistencies across Mesa sites with regard to implementation and data collection efforts. c) Will work with district on arranging trainings in fall. d) Will serve as liaison when needed between Mesa and CFC, with regard to overseeing curriculum orders and payments to participating teachers. III. Analyze and disseminate study data. In conjunction with the PI at UW, I will actively analyze and disseminate knowledge derived from the investigation in the following ways: conference presentations (e.g., APA, EARA, SPR, SRCD), newsletters, peer-reviewed publications, and school presentations. IV. Oversee statistics/methodology consultant: In conjunction with the PI, I will play an active and collaborative role with the methodology consultant on this project, a person with whom I have worked successfully with in the past. V. Participate in steering team meetings. We will hold an annual meeting with the UW team, senior advisors, and methods consultant to trouble-shoot, strategize and coordinate a data dissemination plan.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/16


  • Committee for Children: $472,115.00


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