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Seattle Gang Needs Assessment Seattle Gang Needs Assessment ABSTRACT Youth crime and involvement in the juvenile justice system presents challenges to contemporary American society. Youth, particularly organized groups of youth engage in considerable levels of crime, particularly violence and drug sales. The crimes committed by young people have a large spillover effect, undermining the socializing power of schools, families, neighborhoods and other groups. They create disorder in communities and create a number of negative conditions in communities. However, these are not inevitable products of 21st century America. There are a number of promising and proven approaches to responding to the presence of youth violence. However, the key to developing and sustaining effective youth programming is to develop an in-depth understanding of the dimensions of the youth violence and crime problem. We propose to conduct a six month problem analysis of youth violence in partnership with the City of Seattle and its partners. The goal of the proposed project is to produce a problem assessment of youth violence and youth crime in Seattle. The problem assessment will address youth violence and crime by coordinating existing resources and activities in ways that support the core strategies of the successful gang response. We propose to use several proven problem assessment tools to characterize the specific dimensions of the youth violence and youth crime problems in Seattle.
Effective start/end date2/5/1412/31/16


  • LOCAL: Non-Arizona Local Government: $43,303.00


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