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Science Foundation Arizona Graduate Research Fellows K-12Industry Programs at Arizona State University Science Foundation Arizona Graduate Research Fellows K-12/Industry Programs at Arizona State University Under the leadership of President Michael Crow, one of Arizona State Universitys major initiatives has been to embed research and education into the life and interests of the local community and to provide a sustainable impact on the Arizona economy. A major component of this endeavor is to train graduate students as citizen scientists; this responsibility entails faculty and students working in partnership with local communities, industries, schools, and the biomedical communities to share knowledge and experience. Such partnerships not only benefit our communities but also provide our students with critical learning and mentoring opportunities that move them to understand the importance of investing their intellectual capital for the betterment of society in general, and the State of Arizona specifically. ASU will organize and implement the SFAz Graduate Research Fellowship program in such a way that it will provide direct and explicit links to our schools, biomedical programs, and research industries. Our goal is to develop a different type of graduate student, one prepared from the beginning to understand their role as members of society and with the ability to communicate the importance of their research to both K-12 pupils and adults in our communities. This effort will have lasting impact on the future of Arizona's knowledge-based economy by directly addressing the demand in our future work force for individuals who are technically well trained, can think creatively, and can work with diverse individuals.
Effective start/end date6/30/096/30/12


  • Science Foundation of Arizona: $978,000.00


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