Science and Faith: Darwin's 200th Birthday

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Science and Faith: Darwin's 200th Birthday Science and Faith: Darwin's 200th Birthday This project builds on forums that have been held in the Fall Semester at ASU West for the past three years. Last year's forum was partially funded by the AHC, and drew a crowd of about 425 people. The audience consisted of students and community members. This year the same kind of support is being sought from the AHC to continue this forum series as an opportunity for the community to hear humanities scholars discuss ideas and 10 engage in questions with those scholars. This proposal is for a similar event to be held in the Fall of 2009. The public benefit is derived from giving access to a free event that discusses issues that important to the audience, and gives the public a I presentation of how otherwise contentious issues can be discussed with civility. The event last year received laudatory feedback . Another aspect of the benefit is that I hope to make this into a yearly event (perhaps even twice a year), and establish it as one of the ways that ASU West reaches out to the community to provide a service that raises awareness of how humanities scholarship can address crucial problems. The topic or this year will connect with Darwin's 200th birthday and the considerable interest in questions about science and religion with a special emphasis on humanities issues in Darwin's theory of origins. The topic concerns questions about the nature of scientific explanation and its relationship to other kinds of know led e claims. What were some of the philosophical problems that Darwin was working on? What role does the humanities play in helping understand scientific theories? The community will observe scholars who, although perhaps holding alternative positions, are able to use discourse to identify and clearly define problems, ,s well as work toward solutions. Last year's audience took away an excitement about the possibilities of this discourse that translated into calls for similar forums in the future.
Effective start/end date6/10/0912/1/09


  • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH): $1,000.00


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