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Scholars eLearning Initiative Pre-work Scholars eLearning Initiative Pre-work The Scholars Program eLearning Initiative Workstream A project proposal submitted in December 2020 encompassed four activities: (1) Ecosystem design; (2) Training and knowledge mobilization; (3) Scaling; (4) Measurement and evaluation. As part implementer of this initiative, the Foundation team will drive and lead the entire process. Arizona State University (ASU) and United States University Africa (USIU-A) will jointly serve as Lead Trainers and Network Facilitators for the initiative, to provide training in instructional design and e-learning pedagogy and facilitate learning and exchange across the Scholars Program network institutions.. ASU is in a lead trainer role for training in instructional design and pedagogy. USIU-A is in a lead network facilitator role. The through its Center in Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) to provide support on technology, scaling and support services for member institutions. Since December, no new pieces of work have been identified as necessary for the successful completion of Workstream A. Project MOU and funding agreements are being guided through the necessary review processes at complementing partner institutions. Concurrently, pre-work planning has been undertaken as requested by the Foundation to prepare for an aggressive 18-month Phase 1 timeline. The funding request outlined herein is to support necessary and eligible pre-work activities between March 1 to May 30, 2021 at ASU and USIU-A to ensure the institutions are ready for immediate project implementation upon finalization of the MOU and funding agreements. These activities are low-cost, lowcomplexity, low-risk, non-IP related work; not necessary to be under the main agreements; and need to and are expected to take place between now and when the main agreements are fully executed. Any funds distributed but not utilized during the planning period will be re-allocated to project implementation under the Foundations guidance. The planning project will encompass a variety of ASU and USIU-A activities. They include: Project leadership engagement, for the ongoing coordination and adjustment needed during this planning period to ensure project performance. Hiring critical personnel, because immediate implementation upon main agreement execution will not be possible without these roles in place. For Activity 1: Beginning engagement dialogue with ecosystem stakeholder groups, because an implementation plan shaped with input from these critical stakeholders and influencers has a greater likelihood of rapid adoption and impact For Activity 2: Establishing technical requirements, a nomination framework and training deployment plan, because rapid training deployment will not be possible without these pieces in place. For Activity 4: Establishing project assessment, evaluation, progress and measurement tools, because efficacy and accuracy of monitoring and evaluation will be impacted if these tools are not in place at the outset
Effective start/end date3/1/211/31/23


  • MasterCard Foundation: $249,950.00


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