Safety planning utilizing a risk-informed safety decision aid: Increasing Access to Evidence-Based Care for Survivors of Domestic Violence through a Statewide Americorps Public Service Program.

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This program will place 30 AmeriCorps members in one of the 40 direct service agencies served by ACESDV to implement Decision Aid, an intervention that will advance the process of safety planning that is already conducted with survivors of domestic violence across Arizona. Having AmeriCorps members implement this intervention increases the capacity for direct service agencies to advance their current practice thereby meeting critical needs in local communities across the state. AmeriCorps members will also benefit from this arrangement in that they will learn leadership, communication, advocacy, and research skills that can better prepare AmeriCorps members for future employment and/or volunteer work in public service.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/16


  • Corporation for National and Community Service (National Service): $189,135.00


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