SABI: iDigBio Phase 3: Sustaining the digitization, mobilization, accessibility, and use of biodiversity specimen data in U.S. museum and academic collections

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SABI: iDigBio Phase 3: Sustaining the digitization, mobilization, accessibility, and use of biodiversity specimen data in U.S. museum and academic collections SABI: iDigBio Phase 3: Sustaining the digitization, mobilization, accessibility, and use of biodiversity specimen data in U.S. museum and academic collections Statement of Work: ASU & iDigBio Portal support ASU PI Franz and co-PI Gilbert will lead the creation and expansion of the "Symbiota Support Hub" in the context of this project; with external consulting support from Dr. Jenn Yost who will provide community-wide engagement and visibility services. ASU will hire three full-time staff to oversee the national participation of collections with Symbiota portals. ASU will develop, sustain, and continuously improve the nationwide Symbiota portal services for the duration of the project. ASU will facilitate the efficient, scalable integration of all collections-derived data products with the ASU-supported Symbiota portal infrastructure as well as other Symbiota portals managed elsewhere. ASU will closely coordinate their activities with all ASU-supported personnel and the iDigBio IT infrastructure team to provide production-level data services. ASU will manage the ASU Research Computing-located VM servers; including software installations and updates, expansion, and tiered access permissions for portal managers. Specific tasks subsumed under this activity include: o Expedite updates of the Symbiota code version preferred by the corresponding portal community all production-level Symbiota/2/Light code repositories will be supported and propagation of separately developed Symbiota innovations across all portals. o Customize non-Symbiota scripting required to sustain select portal communities. o Troubleshoot the VM server- and database-related performance issues. o ASU will interface between incoming collections data and images, data management, facilitating community-wide data quality assessment and improvement activities, and data publishing to the Symbiota portals as well as iDigBio and GBIF. o ASU will handle the management of Symbiota portal data and image ingestion, servicing data integration needs among collections and within the corresponding portal, management of routine data (live or snapshot) updates across IT infrastructure environments, including data re-/publication to iDigBio and GBIF, facilitate custom data manipulations and data access services that require access to the VM server side. o ASU will support newly created portals including: software installation, SQL database population, portal configuration, data uploading (taxonomy tables, collections, occurrence records, images, derivative data projects), including assistance with custom portal front-end displays (front-page, CSS, etc.). ASU will create, publish, propagate, and continuously update and refine Symbiota portal specific virtual training and help resources to all collections, in close coordination with (and complementing) the iDigBio community capacitation efforts. Specific tasks subsumed under this activity include: o ASU will hold and publish monthly webinars targeting collections specialists, public (volunteer) contributors and users, etc. o Generate additional video and static HTML tutorials to be made available to the iDigBio community. o Manage community-wide user account and portal access issues. o Reach out to all other collections not previously funded by NSF ADBC related activities to create new collections and assist often in coordination with the portal manager (see above) in data/image ingestion and quality improvement tasks. o Further assist collections members with best data practice tasks; e.g. data quality management, georeferencing tools, image mapping, and related needs. o Promote community-wide, de-centralized capabilities for training in best data practices; both via the Symbiota website and suitable iDigBio outlets. In relation to image upload, storage, and publication support for Symbiota portal communities: o ASU will work collaboratively with the active CyVerse project located at the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) to establish viable workflows and IT architecture needed for Symbiota portal member institutions to batch-submit specimen images for posting onto an image web server. CyVerse will provide the storage and access to their Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) management system, with the supported ASU personnel handling the majority of the related workflow management tasks e.g., access control, training, troubleshooting that will be needed for institutions to mobilize their images in full integration with publication of heir specimen data. o ASU will also collaborate with the CyVerse staff to assist in managing images previously submitted to CyVerse as part of a previous Symbiota portal arrangements that were supported through NSF awards.
Effective start/end date6/3/218/31/26


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $2,478,801.00


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