Robust Network Design - Connectivity and Beyond

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Robust Network Design - Connectivity and Beyond Robust Network Design - Connectivity and Beyond Eorts are underway in the U.S. Air Force to utilize a heterogeneous set of resources such as satellites, aircrafts and UAVs to form an Airborne Network. Design and development of such a complex network is challenging as it is dicult to manage a large set of heterogeneous resources in a highly dynamic environment. New models are needed to characterize, manage and quantify network performance under such diverse operating conditions. The goal of this research is to undertake an investigation into some of the fundamental issues, a clear understanding of which is absolutely essential for successful design, development, deployment and operation of such a complex network. We plan to undertake studies in the following six key interrelated areas: design of mobility pattern of airborne platforms to provide a stable operating condition design of networks that enables graceful performance degradation information transfer capacity of a dynamic heterogeneous airborne network protocol design for networks with partial or uncertain information availability security measures against diverse set of attacks routing performance in diverse network conditions We plan to utilize tools and techniques from Graph Theory, Computational Geometry, Control Theory and Network Coding to nd solutions to key problems. As an outcome of this research, we will provide answers to challenging questions related to coverage and connectivity problems in a three dimensional space with mobile nodes develop a methodology for design of networks that can carry out meaningful operation even when disconnected evaluate eectiveness of opportunistic routing and its variations in a mobile environment evaluate eectiveness of network coding in enhancing information transfer capacity, security and routing performance The foundational concepts that will result from this research will not only be conned to Airborne Networks, but also will be applicable to other complex networks, such as, social networks, biological networks and power-grid networks.
Effective start/end date4/1/095/31/14


  • DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): $1,288,640.00


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