RISE-IT (Reentry Intervention and Support for Engagement by Integrating Technology)

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RISE-IT will provide Reentry Intervention and Support for Engagement by Integrating Technology and technology-based career training for youth within the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC). The goal of RISE-IT is to create an educational environment within the state-run ADJC that is more technologically driven and allows youth to acquire specialized training to increasing their post-release employability in technology-based jobs. In addition to technology-based educational programs in the classrooms, RISE-IT will add technology-related job training certificate programs in occupational fields such as computer programming, web and mobile application development, and graphic design to ADJCs current cosmetology, auto mechanics, building trades, culinary arts, and fire safety CTE programs. RISE-IT will provide this enhanced technology-based programming through a multi-tiered framework of support to all youth 6-24 months prior to release. At Tier 1 approximately 300 youth per year will be provided technology-based career training in computers through a partnership with New Horizons. At Tier 2 approximately 200 youth per year will be provided technology-based career training in math through Math 180 and various certifications. At Tier 3 approximately 100 youth per year will be provided career training and certifications in graphic arts and animation/video game design/programming through a partnership with the Art Institute of Phoenix. At Tier 4, approximately 50 youth per year will be provided in-facility jobs, job shadowing, and job training with various community partners. All youth will be provided with individualized case management and reentry plans that link youth to community-based services and supports after release. Moderate to high risk youth will be identified using Risk-Need-Responsivity principles and provided appropriate technology-based training and supports in the facility and post-release. RISE-IT will engage community partners like Goodwill, Workforce Connections, Mesa Community College, and the Boys and Girls Clubs to increase employability and job placement. RISE-IT has five goals. Goal 1: Integrate technology-based career training into academic and vocational programming through a multi-tiered system. Goal 2: Provide reentry career planning. Goal 3: Build collaboration and capacity of partners. Goal 4: Increase the post-release employability of moderate and high risk youth in technology-based jobs. Goal 5: Use data to track youth and inform decision-making and service provision. RISE-IT will measure and evaluate certificates earned, job placement, employment, earning, job retention, and recidivism for a minimum of one year post-release.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/30/19


  • DOJ: Office of Justice Programs (OJP): $750,000.00


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