Retrodirective Applique for Coherent Transmission (ReACT)

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Retrodirective Applique for Coherent Transmission (ReACT) Arrays at Commercial Timescales (ACT) Statement of Work ACT TA3 SOW for ASU Page - iv 1. Overview 1.1 Summary This Statement of Work (SOW) specifies the effort and related tasks to be performed in support of the ACT Program. Raytheon BBN Technologies (BBN) is responsible for overall execution and technical direction of the program using support from Arizona State University (Subcontractor) as further described below. The goal of the DARPA Arrays at Commercial Timescales (ACT, TA3) program is to demonstrate technologies and a prototype system that will enable the fielding of an ad hoc sparse array consisting of multiple transceivers that can perform distributed beamforming. The ACT system should be able to project RF energy that results in the coherent combining of focused power under conditions of transmitter and target mobility and vibration. The ACT concept envisions an array of antenna panels that can synchronize their clocks and determine their locations and orientations, enabling the signal from each node to be aligned so that the array focuses energy at the desired target. Initially, feedback-based techniques that utilize a cooperating target will be considered; and later, retrodirective techniques that exploit a noncooperative RF emission from the target will be developed. Key technology challenges include oscillator synchronization, accurate pointing, and energy control at high frequencies (through Ku band) and with moderate to severe motion and vibration profiles. 1.2 Scope The Subcontractor shall provide specific technical knowledge to execute the tasks to the extent specified in this SOW. This SOW requires contractual performance to accomplish and complete the efforts defined. This document is intended to give an overall description and plan, including a schedule, as well as specific requirements for the effort.
Effective start/end date2/2/157/1/16


  • DOD: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): $154,081.00


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