Research and Development of Haptic Annunciator System (HAS)

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The overall objective of the proposed research is to design, build and evaluate an ABU integrated, lightweight and robust somatosensory annunciator tool (see Figure 2) that will enable immediate threat information delivery to a RST. The necessary research would address the realization of an effective haptic actuator suite that delivers the direction, velocity and size of an approaching threat via intuitive somatosensory (vibrotactile) patterns. The critical research goal is the design of a somatosensory presentation scheme that is (1) easy to learn, (2) easy to recall after extended periods without use, (3) intuitive with low cognitive load (i.e., mapping vibratory cues to instant reflex), and (4) hard to overlook even in noisy and distracting environments.
Effective start/end date11/1/0910/31/10


  • DOD: Air Force (USAF): $294,576.00


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