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Regional Planetary Imaging Facility (RPIF) Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies (RGCPS) is the NASA Regional Planetary Information Facility at Arizona State University. Founded by ASU Regents Professor Ronald Greeley (1939-2011) in 1977, the goals of the RGCPS are to aid and support research in planetary geology and planetary science conducted by the faculty (resident and visiting), staff, and students at Arizona State University (ASU) and by individuals within the Phoenix metropolitan area and in the national and international planetary science community, and to promote and disseminate the results of NASA Planetary Science Division programs and missions, particularly those for which ASU is involved. Beginning in 2012, we have begun to transform the RGCPS from a static image library into a dynamic, digital planetary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) laboratory, with the goal of creating a facility that will train student and faculty researchers how to use planetary image data in a digital environment. Our ultimate goal is to offer seminar-like classes in various GIS packages including JMARS (in cooperation with Dr. Phillip Christensens research group) and ArcGIS to conduct research on geospatially-registered data sets for any of the terrestrial planets and outer planet satellites. These seminars would be offered multiple times a year to researchers throughout the America Southwest.
Effective start/end date7/25/168/23/17


  • NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center: $94,118.00


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