Redesign of MAT 117, College Algebra

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Redesign of MAT 117, College Algebra Redesign of MAT 117, College Algebra Often students fail in math because they lack particular fundamental skills as prerequisites. Also, they often do not retain what they learn because of insufficient practice. Finally, the skills often are not integrated with anything other than abstract math problems, We intend to focus on all three learning issues. Students will use software that performs diagnostics on math skills. The program provides detailed help that leads students towards mastery, If the diagnostics indicate that students have not mastered a prerequisite skill to solve a particular problem, they will be directed to problem sets on the prerequisite skill. The software provides a wealth of problems, increasing the time on task. Students will be put into a weekly recitation session. Groups of students will engage in guided problem solving sessicms under the direction of trained instructors Students will encounter specially designed activities that emphasize math applications to real problems.
Effective start/end date1/4/1012/31/10


  • Arizona Board of Regents: $50,000.00


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