Recruitment and Support of Highly Qualified American Students in Mathematics Doctoral Programs at ASU

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The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (SoMSS) at Arizona State University (ASU) began offering in the fall semester 2009 three new doctoral programs in mathematical and statistical sciences, one in applied mathematics, one in mathematics education, and one in statistics. These are besides the existing Ph.D. program in mathematics that has since focused on pure (classical) areas of mathematics not including computational and applied areas. SoMSS is committed to attracting, providing support, and graduating highly qualified students, and it is hereby submitting a single discipline application to the GAANN program to support graduate students in mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics, pursuing doctoral degrees. This request falls under the mathematics absolute priority area of national need for the FY 2012 competition and, if funded, the project will support four GAANN fellows per year for three years each. The fellowship awards will be made to doctoral students who will be in a five-year program of study towards their Ph.D. The first, second and fifth years of the fellows studies will be supported by the Department of Education funds, the third and fourth years by School funds in the form of teaching assistantships. Most of our Ph.D. graduates in the past three years have obtained a position upon graduation, 63% in the academic profession, 21% in government or industrial research. We do not have data on the remaining 16%. With GAANN fellowships ASU will be better able to contribute towards improving the teaching of mathematics nationally, thus strengthening the nation's economic competitiveness. A significant cross section of the faculty members in the School will participate in this program and serve as Faculty Mentors. Their involvement will begin in the summer before the Fellow's regular graduate program begins, and continue throughout each year of the Fellow's study at Arizona State University. The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences is aware of the difficulties many new graduate students face, and will offer Fellows ample opportunity to interact with faculty and more advanced graduate students to obtain advice and suggestions on possible solutions to problems they face as graduate students, as well as to provide a supporting social and scientific environment in which the Fellows will thrive. This project addresses many difficulties in recruiting, enrolling, retaining, and graduating quality domestic doctoral students in mathematical sciences, and women and minorities in particular. The geographic location of Arizona State University in a region with a large presence of Hispanics and Native Americans makes the project ideally suited for success in this area of dire need for the interests of our Nation. The award of a GAANN grant to the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Arizona State University will impact significantly the execution and success of this plan, which is perfectly aligned with the stated goal of the GAANN program, to support graduate fellowships for students with excellent academic records who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue the highest degree available in their course of study at the institution.
Effective start/end date8/16/128/15/15


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $408,315.00


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