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Ready to Learn - Arizona PBS Community Partnerships Supporting Inner City Phoenix - Phase 2 Ready to Learn - Arizona PBS Community Partnerships Supporting Inner City Phoenix Arizona PBS KAET is excited about the prospect of going deep into the Aeroterra Community by engaging as an authentic early learning and media partner. Our goal is to pilot a collective impact approach in order to create a STEM eco-system in the Aeroterra Community. We believe this can be achieved by increasing direct opportunities for young childrens adaptive STEM learning, enhancing the effects of family engagement, and most importantly by working strategically with community partners to leverage all of our collective resources; thereby, increasing the feasibility of scaling, sustainability, and generating positive outcomes for children and families in the Aeroterra Community and beyond. Where: The Aeroterra Housing Site in the Edison/Eastlake Neighborhood in south-central Phoenix (Aeroterra Community) is the community where we will be focusing our Ready To Learn work. The Aeroterra Community is a very densely populated community (i.e., a recently-renovated public housing site) with two elementary schools, a Head Start and dozens of other community partners directly integrated into the community. The Aeroterra Housing Supportive Services leadership and staff are enthusiastic about our selection of the Aeroterra Community as the focus of our Ready To Learn proposal, and believe it is a perfect match with their mission to integrate services through partnerships and a collective approach to supporting young children and their families. Who/Partners: Through the process of a community needs assessment, Arizona PBS KAET has selected four (4) core partners for our Community Collaborative Early Learning and Media (CC-ELM) key strategies and deliverables. They are: 1) City of Phoenix Housing Department: Aeroterra Housing Supportive Services; 2) City of Phoenix Libraries: Children and Teen Services; 3) The Association for Supportive Child Care (ASCC) The Arizona Kith and Kin Project; and 4) City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department. These four partners will be the main focus of our Community Collaborative for Early Learning and Media (CC-ELM) deliverables and activities, but by leveraging our participation in Aeroterras larger, existing partnerships such as the Early Childhood Advisory Team, we will work to expand our collaborations with an eye towards scaling and sustainability. Approach/Goals: Our overall approach encompasses the following: aligning community and partnership resources, connecting multiple audiences (e.g., children, families, early educators, program staff), train-the-trainer events (for both core partner staff and the broader community), and collaborative planning. Our overall goal is to co-create community synergy around STEM in a relatively contained community the Aeroterra housing site. Our common goals, resources and strategies will be aligned, so that young children (ages 2 8) will experience similar STEM touchpoints in multiple settings, and be guided by caregivers who are trained, confident, enthusiastic, and capable with STEM instruction using Ready To Learn tools.
Effective start/end date10/1/1812/31/20


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $202,000.00


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