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Reading DNA Sequence with a Solid State Tunnel Junction (Amendment 8) Collaboration with IBM/454 Devices for DNA Sequencing Reading DNA sequence with a solid state tunnel junction Single nucleotides reads have now been demonstrated with a solid state device built on a solid silicon support (incompatible with nanopore incorporation). This next phase will replicate these devices on membrane supports into which nanpores can be formed, and focus on developing methods for forming nanopores in the devices. Measured tunnel current signals from DNA moving through the device (translocation) will be used to design algorithms for translocation control and interpretation of sequence reads. Amendment 7 to Roche SRA No. 11-090672 Amendment 8 to Roche SRA No. 11-090672
Effective start/end date10/31/142/28/17


  • INDUSTRY: Foreign Company: $3,054,498.00


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