RAPID: Challenge Platforms with a Public Intent Critical Reflections and Future Practices

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RAPID: Challenge Platforms with a Public Intent Critical Reflections and Future Practices Challenge Platforms with a Public Intent Critical Reflections and Future Scenarios The Arizona State University (ASU) School of Public Affairs and Center for Policy Informatics has been working with the White House Office of Science& Technology Policy to design a national policy proposal competition in response to their Startup America Policy Challenge. Through a network of schools and organizations, The Policy Challenge asks students, faculty, practitioners, and the general public to propose innovative, viable, and actionable plans for administrative change to be implemented at the U.S. Dept. of Education, Energy, or Health& Human Services that will break down barriers to entrepreneurship and best enable the use of new technologies in education, clean energy, and healthcare, respectively. The Policy Challenge calls on a diversity of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and practitioners from academia, industry, and government that have expertise and experience in healthcare, education, clean energy, public policy and administration, technology, entrepreneurship, and participatory challenge platforms from across the nation to participate in the challenge as teams submitting an idea, proposal judges, content experts supporting the development of ideas, and panelists, keynotes, and general participants in the finale and workshop. The finalist teams are invited to the finale on May 21, 2012 and policy challenge platform workshop on May 22, 2012 in Washington, D.C. At the finale, the finalist teams will present their refined proposals to a panel of high-level expert judges and participate in the awards reception where the winning team(s) will be announced and their proposal will be shared with the Cabinet Secretary from the relevant federal agency. A policy challenge platform workshop will be held the following day, consisting of a series of workshops, panels, roundtables, and keynote speakers to critically reflect on and envision the future of The Policy Challenge in particular and participatory challenge platforms research and application in general. The Policy Challenge is an example of a participatory challenge platform, an emerging technology that can increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and legitimacy of the public policy development and implementation process in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and resource-constrained governance environment. It seeks to legitimate, tap into, empower, and focus the vast array of expertise, experience, and democratic surplus possessed by a diversity of individuals throughout the nation in the governance process, developing innovative and practical solutions to shared public challenges. The Policy Challenge finale and participatory challenge platform workshop seeks to deeper explore and develop a preliminary manifesto for the research and practical applications and implications of participatory challenge platforms to embolden an efficient, effective, and legitimate governance process. As such, we are requesting $49,500 from NSF to support the development, implementation, and result analysis, dissemination, and publication for The Policy Challenge finale and participatory challenge platforms workshop.
Effective start/end date6/15/128/31/13


  • NSF-CISE-ACI: Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI): $48,480.00


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