Radiation Hardened Non-Volatile Memory for Space

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Radiation Hardened Non-Volatile Memory for Space Radiation Hardened Non-Volatile Memory for Space Radiation Hardened Non-Volatile Memory for Space January 13, 2014 Statement of Work for Alphacore Inc., Tucson, AZ Hugh Barnaby, Shimeng Yu Arizona State University ASU will perform the following tasks and subtasks for DoD SBIR AF141-250 Task I: Analyze and compare different solutions to the design problem Subtask 1, Contact the SBIR TPOC and organize a kick-off teleconference Subtask 2, Develop detailed plan for the exact technical specifications to be targeted in this Phase I program Subtask 3, Research material that is available in the internet, data bases and libraries Subtask 4, Research the availability of ReRAM technologies Task II: Model the complete system in EDA tools Subtask 5, Complete top-level system architecture design for the NVM Subtask 6, Construct a full-system model in Verilog Subtask 7, Prepare detailed simulation schematics for key sub-circuits inside the top-level model Subtask 8, Simulate the ReRAM memory cells in TCAD Subtask 9, Optimize the top-level architecture, the sub-system model and the specifications Task III: Perform key radiation effect tests Subtask 10, Perform a TID test Subtask 11, Perform a SEU and SEL test Subtask 12, Perform a dose rate test Deliverables: 1. A detailed Design Specification Document 2. A detailed commercialization plan for phase II program 3. Final report of phase I.
Effective start/end date7/1/141/15/15


  • DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): $41,506.00


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