Radiation-Hardened Memristor Based Memory for Extreme Environments

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ASU will provide experimental data on memristors fabricated on and chalgogenide-glass (ChG) technology platforms. The data will support the evaluation of ChG memristor technologies for insertion into commercial high-density, inherently radiation-hard, wide temperature stable, memory for deep space and planetary surface applications. The data will also support the development of memristor models within the CFDRC NanoTCAD framework based on basic operational and thermal response mechanisms. ASU will perform the following tasks for the program 1. Design and fabricate AgGeSe ChG-based memristors based on PMC technologu platform 2. Perform wide temperature (-230C to +130C) electrical characterization (I-V) of the AgGeSe ChG-based memristors 3. Support CFDRC modeling effort throughout the project by means of data analysis and transfer 4. Hold periodic meetings with contractor Deliverables: 1. Provide test report on wide temperature response on AgGeSe ChG-based memristors.
Effective start/end date5/23/1310/23/13


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $33,199.00


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