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Proposal for Research Study: Evaluating the Refugee School Impact Grant Proposal for Research Study: Evaluating the Refugee School Impact Grant Although Arizona has very long history of immigration and language diversity, refugee resettlement in Arizona is a relatively recent phenomenon, starting with the arrival of refugees from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia during the 1970s. Over the past four decades, refugees from a range of national, ethnic and language backgrounds (representing 94 different countries) have made Arizona their new home, so that official records show that more than 52,000 refugees have resettled in the state since 1975. The largest groups of resettled refugees live primarily in Maricopa and Pima Counties and are from Afghanistan, Bosnia, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Romania, Somalia, the Soviet Union, the Sudan, and Vietnam. Today, with approximately 3,600 refugee children from more than 50 national and language backgrounds enrolled in Arizona schools, local communities, schools and learners face great challenges, in large part because newly arriving refugee youth represent such diverse backgrounds and experiences (educational, social, political, cultural, and religious). As emphasized in the 2008 Refugee School Impact Grant Continuation Application, the educational needs of this group require immediate attention and action: addressing these needs to advance refugee childrens full participation in the public school system is critical to their academic success and well-being, particularly with unique needs being identified as more small and diverse ethnic groups of refugee resettle in Arizona. Within this context, the Refugee Resettlement Program (DES/RRP) receives from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) a grant to provide support to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Pima and Maricopa Counties for the implementation of programs supporting school-age refugee children. For FY 2009, 27 LEAs2 have been awarded sub-grants, on a formula basis ($112/refugee child)._
Effective start/end date1/1/108/31/10


  • Arizona Department of Economic Security: $65,642.00


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